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Aims and Objectives

Aims of NNFU

  • To protect and advance the interests of communal as well as commercial farmers
  • To promote the development of a viable farming industry in order to :
    • Improve rural community’s standard of living; and
    • Enhance rural farming
  • To liaise with international farmers organizations and promote networking, cooperation and representation of farmers interests at international level


Objectives of NNFU

  • To promote sympathetic understanding amongst farmers as well as the formation of Farmers’ Organizations throughout Namibia as a means for Farmers’ collective bargaining powerbase
  • To consider, discuss, provide advice and articulate the farmers needs, desires, aspirations, problems and views on issues such as
    • Pricing policy formulation
    • Provision of marketing facilities for both inputs and produce
    • Provision of adequate and affordable transport of farm produce
    • Provision of road network
    • Provision of water for human consumption, livestock and for irrigation
    • Land reform policy and distribution
    • Provision of credit facilities
    • Setting up of conditions of employment and wages for farm labour
    • Formulation of compensation policies for improvement and disturbances and
    • Establishment of taxation levels
  • To promote better farming by facilitating activities such as :
    • Disseminate latest appropriate agriculture technology and farming innovations to its members
    • Arranging competitions, field days, shows and visits to further the adoption of improved farming practices
    • Ensuring the improvement and maintenance of farming standards among its members
    • Assisting in education and training of farmers
  • Advance the interests of agriculture by encouraging conservation of natural resources such as water, soil, vegetation and wildlife
  • To work with extension, research and engineering services for testing and development of markets for processed and unprocessed agricultural products
  • To negotiate and secure facilities on beneficial terms for members of the union in regard to insurance against agricultural hazard and other risks affecting the farming industry
  • To publicize through media for both Government and the general public information, the successes and failures of the farming industry
  • To subscribe, assist, subsidize, affiliate and cooperate with all organizations and institutions, Governmental and non-governmental, interested and/or involved in the promotion of agriculture in general and/or the furtherance of NNFU’s objectives
  • To levy farmers, to raise funds by subscriptions and entrance fees and to receive grants and donations for the achievement of NNFU objectives;
  • To promote cooperation among its members
  • To assist financially or otherwise as long as it is consistent with the laws of Namibia in bringing and defending any case of action in the courts of law which NNFU considers to be in the interests of its members
  • To sponsor, support or oppose any legislation, the introduction of which is likely to benefit or damage the interests of NNFU’s members or the farming industry
  • To advance and protect the interests of NNFU by;
    • Promoting and/or participating in the establishment or creation of any association, company or other body corporate or unincorporated whose objective may further NNFU interests
    • Acquiring through purchase, exchange or otherwise any movable or immovable property, shares, stock debentures, bonds and securities
  • To promote the export or sales of any agricultural products by any means, including advertising and market research;
  • To do all such other acts, matters and things as may be deemed incidental to or conducive to the attainment of NNFU objectives




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