The Namibia National Farmers’ Union (NNFU) is a national federation of regional farmer’s unions (RFUs). It was established in June 1992 to serve as a mouthpiece for all Namibian communal and emerging commercial farmers.

The NNFU aims to increase food production for household security, enhance marketing of farming products to increase household income, increase participation and recognition of woman in farming, contribute to environmental protection and sustainable utilization of natural resources

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To protect and advance the interests of subsistence, communal and emerging farmers through advocacy and lobbying for policies favourable to the farmers;
To promote the development of a viable farming industry, organised and commodified agriculture in order to improve rural community's standard of living and enhance rural farming industry's contribution to the national economy;
To strengthen internal stakeholder relations through improved coordination, networking, consultation and engagement among FAs and RFUs;
To become a financially sustainable union functioning autonomously and independently; and
To liaise with international farmers' organisations and promote networking, cooperation and representation of farmers' interests at international level.