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The membership registration programme initiative which kicked off in 2017 is an on-going programme and it is gaining momentum. The database indicates that close to 10,000 farmers countrywide have been registered. This is an improvement in terms of formalising organised agriculture in the communal areas since 1992 when the union was established.

Farmers are increasingly realising the importance of Organised Agriculture (OA) and why they should become members of the union and contribute membership fees. It is worth stating that affiliation is a voluntary exercise and to attract membership, the federation will improve its service delivery to FAs and RFUs, which will increase the long-term financial strength of the organisation.

We are busy engaging our partners and relevant stakeholders to improve and add value to the membership card. This process is on-going. With the introduction of the database, this has enabled us to produce different reports. For example, a report on the number of farmers in each agricultural commodity. This can help facilitate the formation of commodity groups which in turn facilitates efficient extension service delivery. Clearly the union must beef up its economic services to increase membership value. As already mentioned earlier on, we will strive to identify and introduce specific social benefits to add value to our membership initiative.

The NNFU continues to push for full representation of the union on all important governance and decision making structures in the sector. Those of our members who will represent the union at various platforms will be exposed to necessary training and capacity building workshops to enable them to deliver the best to the union and its members in return.

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