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The NNFU membership registration program is a voluntary ongoing initiative by individual farmers who upon paying fees prescribed by the local Farmers Associations (FAs) affiliate directly to FAs and indirectly to Regional Farmers Union (RFU) and NNFU. To become a member, please contact FA in your area of operation. NNFU can also assist you with the registration process or linking you to FA. The registration forms are on our website. The NNFU is represented in 13 political regions where communal farming activities take place with the exclusion of the Khomas region. Over 10,000 farmers countrywide have been registered and the membership registration is ongoing. As a voice of farmers, NNFU prides itself in advocating and lobbying for farmers among stakeholders in the agriculture sector. Among others, the benefits being NNFU member includes:

  1. Being part of a group speaking in a unified voice on issues that affect communal farming.
  2. NNFU offers various agricultural related trainings to its members.
  3. As organised structure, FAs are involved in several income generation activities such as auction service, fodder production, horticultural production etc that benefits its members.
  4. Access to updated agricultural information.
  5. NNFU provide annual budgets for the RFUs
  6. If faced with plights of farming, such can be shared with FA and/or RFU and NNFU to be addressed collectively.
  7. NNFU advocacy for its members to have access and support from stakeholders.
  8. NNFU craft projects for its members and support on the implementation.
  9. Being part of various bodies, committees and sub-committees of NNFU such as Commodity based committee (i.e. Livestock and Crop Forum), Lobby group, Advisory Council etc.
  10. Only members qualified to be NNFU Board of Directors and part of National Council.
  11. NNFU is affiliated to Southern African Confederation of Agricultural Unions (SACAU) and collaborating with many other local and international stakeholders which provide capacity building and other opportunities farmers hence NNFU offers to its members.

To add value to becoming a member of the Union, NNFU is engaging our partners and relevant stakeholders to improve and add value to the membership card.

  1. NNFU is in the process of organising medical aid scheme for its members. As a group, members can join the scheme at discount.
  2. Furthermore, NNFU is negotiating with retailers for discount for our members.
  3. More initiatives such as insurance scheme for members.
  4. The functional membership database facilitates the formation of commodity groups which in turn facilitates efficient and targeted extension service delivery.

The registration fee and annual contribution differs depending on the FA with registration as lower as N$20.00 while annual fee ranging from N$50.00 to N$150.00. Some members on their discretion pay an annual as fee as much as N$5000.00. With new initiatives, the members will be categorised from being ordinary member, silver, gold and Platinum depending on criteria such as:

  1. Duration of membership – long servicing receives greater status.
  2. Compliance in payment – none defaulter receiver greater status.
  3. Amount of payment – the higher the amount the greater the status.
  4. Activeness and volunteerisms – champions receive greater status.

BE PART OF THE FAST-GROWING UNION – we value advices that can contribute to the building of this organisation.