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Welcome to the NNFU Website

The voice of Namibian Farmers NNFU is a national federation of regional farmers unions. It was established in June 1992 to serve as a mouthpiece for Namibian communal and emerging farmers. The NNFU aims to increase food production for household security, enhance marketing of farming products to increase household income, increase participation and recognition of woman in farming, contribute to environmental protection and sustainable utilization of natural resources

NNFU News Letters

Newsletter volume 5, September 2007
Newsletter Volume 3, September 2006
The Public Information Week, NNFU first visit to Tsumkwe farmers- San Farmers, Support to Mahangu Marketing by Farmers Organisation's, Participation of Farmers Associations and Cooperatives in the Show Activities for 2006
Newsletter Volume 2, March 2006
President's message, The Green Scheme Initiative, The Livestock Marketing Advisor Training Programme

Information About the NNFU

In this section current information and report can be found in PDF format.
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